I am a Dyslexia Consultant and Teacher with a Master’s in Reading Disabilities along with many graduate credit hours in specific dyslexia courses.

I can conduct a consultation with the parents, which includes collecting all report cards and all testing results that have been done with the student along with a parent interview. After I have reviewed each of these pieces of information, the parent(s) and I will meet in person to decide the next step.

Or I can conduct the consultation and a screening, which includes all of the above along with a 2-3 hour screening session with the student. After reviewing the paperwork, parent interview and screening results, a 12+/- page report will be written and a final parent meeting will take place. The parents will then need to decide if I will move forward in tutoring the student using a specific Orton-Gillingham dyslexia reading and spelling program.

Please go to brightsolutions.us and watch Dyslexia: Symptoms and Solutions

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Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz, The Dyslexia Empowerment Plant, A Blueprint for Renewing Your Child’s Confidence by Ben Foss, The Dyslexic Advantage, Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic by Brock Eide: M.D. M.A. and Fernette Eide, M.D.

Videos to watch:

How Difficult Can This Be? The FAT City Workshop Richard Lavoie, The Big Picture Rethinking Dyslexia, The Myths, The Stigmas, The Truths. Revealed

Dyslexia: Symptoms and Solutions – brightsolutions.us

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