About Us

Rise Above Tutoring Center opened July 1, 2010. We are a professional, educational environment for students to attend all year round. This is a wonderful place to send your student who needs to get caught up, feel confident in grade level work or be challenged to move ahead in their academics. We provide very personal, fun and confidence-building tutoring sessions held by professional teachers. 

We are Michigan certified teachers with many years of teaching experience. Our center is open for students from pre-kindergarten-college. Our fees are $40 per hour for regular tutoring, $50 per hour for one on one tutoring, $50 per 45 minute session or $60 per 60 minute session for Dyslexia Tutoring.

  • We can help students become better at test taking, note taking and studying.
  • We offer homework support for those who need help in organizing, understanding and doing their homework.
  • We can assist students in their writing skills- from letter formation to correct word spelling/choices to sentences, paragraph and essay writing.