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Welcome to the Rise Above Tutoring Center


If you have a child between pre-kindergarten and 12th grade that is behind, struggling to keep up, or needs to be challenged in Reading, Writing and/or Math-we can help! We have assessments in these areas that guide us in building a specific/individualized tutoring program for your child.

We Are Also Able To Tutor:
  • Beginning Reading
  • Academic Reading Comprehension grades 2-8
  • Math pre-k math through Calculus
  • Writing and Grammar
  • Homework Support
  • Dyslexia Screening and Tutoring with Orton-Gillingham
  • Test Taking Strategies / Study Skills

We are open all year long!

What People Are Saying...

I highly recommend Lisa and her team at Rise Above Tutoring for your child’s learning needs. Lisa’s educational and tutoring experience, as well as her compassion for students and helping them gain confidence academically spills over to many other areas for students. Lisa has been, and continues to be, a wonderful resource for information, mentoring and leadership.


Rise Above Tutoring has been a wonderful resource for my son with homework assistance for several years. I appreciate their understanding of my son’s individual needs, that they communicated directly with his teachers and that they helped him to understand his school assignments. My son has never complained about going to Rise Above and has always been made to feel proud of his accomplishments. I would highly recommend Rise Above to families who may have a child who needs academic assistance, big or small, in any subject.


With Lisa’s help and tons of hard work, our son has made huge strides! He LOVES Lisa and loves going to tutoring (even when he had to get up an hour before school started, 2 days a week, to meet with her). He is proud of his abilities now and often corrects us on our spelling! It is amazing to see how far he has come. I am so grateful we have had the support of Lisa on this journey. I honestly don’t know where our son would be in school right now, if it wasn’t for her and her dyslexia program.


Rise Above Tutoring has changed the course of my son’s life. My son went from being substantially behind in school, struggling daily with poor self-esteem, to reading at grade level and being much more confident. The school said they were concerned about my son, but didn’t know what was wrong or how to help him. He cried every day before and after school. I took him to Lisa at Rise Above Tutoring where she tested him for dyslexia. In the course of a year, I have seen magnificent changes in my son. I would recommend anyone, no matter what your academic concerns are, to give Rise Above Tutoring a call.


My daughter attends Rise Above Tutoring for homework tutoring and has graduated from Lisa’s dyslexia program. The staff has gone above and beyond my expectations to help my daughter succeed in her academics. Without Rise Above Tutoring, Lisa and Carrie, my daughter would still be struggling in school. My daughter has made the National Honor Society 2 years in a row now. I can’t thank the staff at Rise Above Tutoring enough!