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Rise Above Tutoring Center opened July 1, 2010. We are a professional, educational environment for students to attend all year round. This is a great place to send your student who needs to get caught up, feel confident in grade level work or be challenged to move ahead. We provide very personal, fun and confidence-building tutoring sessions.

We are Michigan certified teachers with many years of teaching experience. Our center is for pre-kindergarten-College. Our fees are $35 per hour for regular tutoring, $40 per hour for one on one tutoring, $45.00 per 45 minute session or $55 per 60 minute session for Dyslexia Tutoring.

  • We can help students become better at test taking, note taking, and studying.
  • We offer homework support for those who need help in organizing, understanding and doing their homework.
  • We can assist students in their writing skills- from letter formation to correct word spelling/choices to sentences, paragraph and essay writing.



“My daughter attends Rise Above Tutoring for homework support and dyslexia tutoring.  The staff has gone above and beyond my expectations to help my daughter succeed in her academics.  Without Rise Above Tutoring my daughter would still be struggling in school.  With the lessons she is learning in her dyslexia tutoring, she has made significant progress in her school work.  Not only have her grades improved but so has her confidence.  With the combination of both dyslexia tutoring and homework tutoring my daughter has made the honor roll and Junior National Honor Society two years in a row.  I can’t thank the staff at Rise Above Tutoring enough! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you…”

“Rise Above Tutoring has changed the course of my son’s life.  My son went from being substantially behind in school, struggling daily with poor self-esteem, to reading at grade level and being much more confident.  When he was in second grade, I sat through a 45 minute parent/teacher conference that involved myself and four other professionals ranging from his classroom teacher to a Title One teacher to a speech therapist.  They said they were very concerned about my son, but basically didn’t know what was wrong or how to help him.  He cried every day before and after school; he was a very sad, defeated little boy.  I took him to Lisa at Rise Above Tutoring where she tested him for dyslexia.  In the course of a year, I have seen magnificent changes in my son.  Not only has he tested out of needing Title One help, he gets very positive review from all of his teachers.  Now he actually enjoys going to school.  Gone are the days of a sad, defeated little boy.  He is happy and positive with what his future holds for him.  I couldn’t be more grateful to Lisa and  Rise Above Tutoring for what she has done, not only for my son, but my whole family!  I would recommend anyone and everyone, no matter your academic concerns,are, to give Rise Above Tutoring a try.  You will not be disappointed.”

“Lisa and Rise Above Tutoring are AMAZING!  My son started working with Lisa a few years ago because he was consistently falling behind in school, no matter what Title programs he was put in.  We weren’t sure what was going on…he just didn’t seem to be connecting the dots.  It was Lisa, who after working with him, brought up that he had signs of dyslexia.  No one at school had ever brought up dyslexia to us.  FINALLY something more than, ‘Some kids learn at different speeds’! With Lisa’s help and tons of hard work, our son has made huge strides!  He LOVES Lisa and loves going to tutoring (even when he had to get up and go an hour before school started the past 2 years!)  He is so proud of his abilities now and often corrects us on language!  It is amazing to see how far he has come.  I am so grateful we have had the support of Lisa on this journey.  I honestly don’t know where our son would be in school right now if it wasn’t for her!”

Rise Above Tutoring has been a wonderful resource for my son with homework assistance for several years.  I appreciate their scheduling flexibility and their understanding of my son’s individual needs.  Lisa has communicated directly with teachers so there has always been a clear understanding of school assignments.  My son has never complained about going to Rise Above and has always been made to feel proud of his accomplishments.  I would highly recommend Rise Above to families who may have a child who needs academic assistance, big or small, in any subject.

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    “We feel so lucky to have found Rise Above Tutoring.  Our son, a fifth grader at the time, was struggling with school, especially with reading, writing and spelling. We brought him to Rise Above for testing and help.  After working with Lisa, we found out he has dyslexia. We signed him up for tutoring right away and what a difference it has made!   Not only in his school abilities, but in his self esteem and day to day life. He is a different kid!  He is learning to read, write and spell with accuracy and confidence.  Working with Lisa and Rise Above has changed his life and ours. We are so grateful. Thank you Lisa!!” ~ Kristin and Jeff